Bamboo-bag Yoga Mat Carrier

Bamboo-bag is a young company, run by three friends, making cloth containers from naturally antimicrobial bamboo fabric to replace paper and plastic products. We are making bags for carrying and storing bread, produce, and clothing. The linen-like cloth used in our bags is made from 100% retted bamboo.

The manufacture of bamboo fabric in China relies on a secret process as did silk in its early years. However, we do know that bamboo produces a natural bacteriostatic substance called bamboo kun which is retained after the fabric is made. Furthermore, an anti-fungal protein, present in the bamboo shoots, permanently binds to the fabric filaments during processing. The linen-like 100% bamboo cloth used by Bamboo-bag is made by retting, unlike the many rayon-like bamboo fabrics made by chemical processes. Bamboo fabric breathes yet retains moisture — inside a Bamboo-bag is the ideal environment for your fruits and vegetables.

Our new Yoga Mat Quiver, shown above, is available in either black or white bamboo twill.

Our Bread bags are available in three designs — Baguette Quiver, Loaf Pouch, and our new Turtle Bag.

We make two Produce Bags — the Lettuce Pouch and the Celery Sack — which can be used to hold everything from leafy greens to apples and oranges.

Our two elegant Bamboo-bag Dressing-bags are made from bamboo twill. The Shirt Bag and Stocking Pouch fit neatly in a suitcase and will carry clean clothing or laundry.

All of our bags can be washed and dried by machine.

We hope you will be happy with your Bamboo-bag and that you will give one to a friend.

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Bamboo-bags can be ordered by telephone, by mail, and online.