bamboo-bag and your bike

To order a bag you can use our online shopping cart provided by PayPal. Aternatively, you can fill out our PDF order form and mail it to us and we will contact you to process your order. You can also find our bags at any of these shops.
To order by mail, print out the order form.
Telephone: 510.548.1431
P.O. Box 9072
Berkeley, CA

Bread Bags
Loaf Pouch @ $16
Baguette Quiver @ $16
Turtle Bag @ $16
Produce Bags
Lettuce Pouch @ $12
Celery Sack @ $14
Dressing Bags
Shirt Bag @ $28
Stocking Pouch @ $14
Yoga Mat Carriers
Yoga Mat Quiver in White @ $18
Yoga Mat Quiver in Black @ $20