Produce Bags

Bamboo bags and vegetables
Celery Sack, left; Lettuce Pouch, right

Our Bamboo-bag Produce bags are made in California from 100% retted bamboo fabric, a cloth well suited to storing foodstuffs. Bamboo-bags are made for people who want to use fewer paper and plastic bags – people who care about the environment and care about their fruits and vegetables.

Two Designs

The Lettuce Pouch measures ten inches by twelve inches. It can comfortably hold a large head of butter lettuce, red leaf or iceberg lettuce. Alternatively, it can store loose greens, broccoli or fruit. Lettuce can be washed, whirled (out of doors) and stored in the Lettuce Pouch where it will retain its crisp freshness longer than if stored in plastic. (Please hold the mouth of the pouch when whirling). Store your damp pouch full of lettuce in the produce drawer of your refrigerator. $12.

The Celery Sack measures 18 inches by 12 inches; long enough for tall leafy greens, a large head of celery and fruits such as oranges and apples. $14.

Bring your Bamboo-bag to the farmer's market and use it instead of a plastic bag every time you shop.

Please remember that the juices of fruits and vegetables contain potent dyes and that your Bamboo-bags are likely to be affected by them over time. Enjoy the beauty of natural dyes!

Cleaning your Bamboo-bag Produce bag

When you feel your Bamboo-bag Produce bag needs cleaning, simply turn it inside-out, shake out any sand or grit, and wash it by machine in warm or cold water. You can hang it out in the garden or use a dryer.


We hope that you will enjoy your Bamboo-bag Produce bag and that you will give one to a friend.