Yoga Mat Carriers

Bamboo-bag Yoga Mat Carrier

Our Bamboo-bag Yoga Mat Quiver is made from luxurious bamboo twill. It has a drawstring closure and a carrying strap so that it can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest.

The linen-like cloth used by Bamboo-bag is made by retting, unlike the many rayon-like bamboo fabrics made by chemical processes.The natural anti-fungal and bacteriostatic properties of bamboo cloth and its moisture wicking ability make the Bamboo-bag Yoga Mat Quiver a perfect carrier for your yoga mat. Please follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and storing your mat.

The Yoga Mat Quiver measures 27 inches long, with an almost 16 inch opening, and is available in white or black bamboo twill. White: $18. Black: $20.

Yoga Mat Quiver in White. $18.
Yoga Mat Quiver in Black. $20.

Cleaning your Bamboo-bag Yoga Mat Quiver

The Bamboo-bag Yoga Mat Quiver can be washed with other like-colored fabrics and dried outdoors or in a dryer. It can be ironed on a cotton setting.


We hope that you will enjoy your Bamboo-bag Yoga Mat Quiver and that you will give one to a friend.